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"I've done a million panels in my life but I've never done a panel like this.  I've gotten more out this panel in two hours than probably any panel I've been to.  I think it's awesome." - Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune

What is Tour:Smart PLUS?

Tour:Smart PLUS is a unique three day immersion weekend in everything you need to know to become the rebel artistic entrepreneur you want to be.  Musician, entrepreneur and DIY guru Martin Atkins  will be your guide as you learn to write effective branding communication, engage your online community in tangible ways, use audio and visual tools to market effectively, design your graphic identity and even learn how to screen print your own merchandise or promo materials.  Along the way, you'll meet and learn from industry professionals and entrepreneurs who have been there, done that, are still doing it and are teaching it!


The weekend revolution is designed to make a concrete difference in your world, give you an instant boost in some of your most important entrepreneurial skillsets and change the way you approach your business.  No matter your creative discipline, this crash course is perfect for any artistic entrepreneur looking to step outside the comfort zone and gain invaluable real world experience to make sure your brand or business stands out in the crowded marketplace.  You don't have to be a musician to live by the DIY ethic...experiential learning defies creative genres and can help any entrepreneur learn and grow in a way that sitting in a stuffy classroom and copying from a textbook never could.

Who should attend Tour:Smart PLUS?