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Best SXSW Panel: “Welcome To the Music Business –You’re F***ed”

Martin's panel at SXSW holds the title of Best SXSW panel!

"During his presentation, the speaker’s overarching message was to wage war against cliché and change the context of music presentation. In the age of Internet, send a postcard, he said. If you play country, move to Dublin, not Nashville."

This is just a sample of what you will learn at the Tour:Smart PLUS weekend. For a more in-depth look at what you will learn, check out the agenda!

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A Taste of The Secret D.I.Y Seminar!

Here's a quick look at what goes down at our Secret D.I.Y. Seminar weekends. To view more pictures, visit the Gallery!
Screen Printing With Martin: January 2010

Performances: August 2009
Quick Trips: October 2009


Speakers for Upcoming Tour:Smart PLUS

The past few weeks we have been confirming speakers for the upcoming Tour:Smart PLUS and it’s a huge mix of people We have a photographer, rock salon owner, musicians, businesspeople, and various other faces that you’ll gain so much knowledge from. That’s what they’re there for: to educate YOU. There’s no way you can’t learn something from them. To get the full 411 on ALL of the speakers we having confirmed so far for Tour:Smart PLUS, visit the Current Roster page!

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