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What you'll learn

How to get started

This stuff isn't as hard as you think.  Most of the time you simply need a kick in the ass to get started.  During your three days with us you'll learn easy to use tools that make everything easier, how to think "out of the box" and even before there, where to find the box in the first place, and most importantly how to communicate with the people who love you, your fans.

How to pour gasoline on your own spark

You will know how to recognize opportunities when they present themselves and how to grow those opportunities.  When all the unknown forces align to create that great show in Cincinnati or the amazing gallery opening in Baltimore, you will have tools and ability to pour gasoline on the spark and create a fire. 

How to measure your results

You will learn social media tools to track where conversations taking place about you online.  You will know how to join those conversations.  With a better understanding of your audience you'll be able to create custom merchandise, create special events, and earn more fans (we'll show you how to do all that too).

How to balance the art of business, and the business of your art

You are an artist.  It is your passion.  You may even view business as a necessary evil.  After three days at Tour:Smart PLUS you'll better understand the necessary business components of your art, learn to leverage them, and give you more time, energy, and money to create and progress your art.